Roamability Launches Advanced Dynamic Multi-IMSI (DMI) Platform

Roamability has launched the Advanced Sponsored Roaming Solution. The new Dynamic Multi-IMSI platform introduces a revolutionary STK, small in size and easy to deploy with existing SIM cards. The DMI is an ideal solution for mobile operators who want to expand roaming ability for their existing subscribers, without replacing SIM cards.

With the new release of the DMI, the user experience is dramatically changed. It is totally seamless to the subscribers with no action required from their side. Yehi BenShoshan, the founder and the president of Roamability says: “It took us almost 3 years to achieve this goal”.

In partnership with Comfone’s Key2roam Platform, Roamability makes the integration with the mobile operators fast and easy. The Signaling, Data Roaming, Data Clearing and Financial Clearing services data are transferred between Roamability, the customer and the rest of the international roaming community and are all processed and delivered via Comfone’s Key2roam Platform. This setup facilitates complete integration, transparency and consolidation of all service layers and roaming data.

Roamability has partnered with Tier 1 operators from different parts of the world to provide global coverage and discounted rates in 120+ countries. With the Dynamic Multi-IMSI (DMI) platform it is possible to reuse IMSIs, thus removing the range limitation.

MVNOs who selected the DMI over an existing solution are thrilled with the results. “Our customers are able to provide roaming services to their subscribers without replacing SIM cards, and no need to change APN – It just works” Says Eitan Keren, Roamability COO.

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