Austrian portal compares promotions on high-end smartphones

Austrian price comparison portal has compared the prices of selected smartphone models when purchased separately and with a contract under Christmas promotions by mobile operators.

It said the iPhone 7 is on average EUR 7 to EUR 10 cheaper when purchased separately with a SIM-only tariff than with a hardware contract. In the case of the Samsung Galaxy S7, the price comparison depends on one’s data consumption. Those who used more than 5 GB a month should opt for a contract. In its comparison, the portal included all one-off charges and recurring costs over the period of 24 months in the monthly effective costs.

Mobile operators do not offer the Apple flagship product any more cheaply than at the market launch two months ago. Intensive users (1,000 minutes, 300 SMS and 5 GB Highspeed LTE) must now pay for the iPhone 7 32 GB monthly effective costs of EUR 50.48 (Red Bull Mobile Volume 9000). The memory option with 128 GB requires EUR 53.78 a month and the option with 256 GB costs EUR 57.78 (both with T-Mobile My Mobile Turbo). Power users (1,500 minutes, 500 SMS and 10 GB Highspeed LTE) taking up the 32 GB model can get a tariff from T-Mobile Austria at the most advantageous terms and should expect an effective monthly cost of EUR 51.78 (My Mobile Ultra).

The options with 128 or 256 GB require EUR 56.46 or EUR 60.96 a month (both with Hutchison Drei Austria’s Giga XXL). Drei offers with Giga XL for Intensive users as well as Power users, a contract with Samsung Galaxy S7 32 GB for effective monthly costs of EUR 36.38.


Customers who buy iPhone 7 online and choose a SIM-only tariff, can pay less than with an offer from a provider. The option with 32 GB is available online in Austria at about EUR 735. Intensive users with e. g. the tariff eety Top Promo will pay EUR 40.60 a month. The option with 128 GB costs EUR 44.35 a month and the model with 256 GB costs EUR 48.31.

Power users with e. g. the tariff Drei Giga SIM L will pay an effective monthly cost of EUR 45.49 for the iPhone 7 32 GB. The 128 GB model costs EUR 49.24 and the 256 GB model costs EUR 53.20.

Samsung Galaxy S7 32 GB is available online for EUR 539. Intensive users with a SIM-only tariff (eety Top Promo) will pay EUR 32.44 a month or by EUR 4 less than with the most beneficial contract offer.

Power users with the suitable tariff Drei Giga XL pay EUR 36.38 or by EUR 1 a month less than with a SIM-only tariff.

In general, the new tariffs offered by T-Mobile and Drei are interesting mainly for power users, because they include unlimited minutes and SMS as well as high data volumes. Anyone wanting to use the network of A1 and who needs large data volumes could opt for its low-cost brand Bob, which currently offers the Superbob tariff option for heavy data users.

Source: Telecom Paper

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