What telecom consulting can do for you?

Bad News: Big telecommunications companies can overcharge you on your bills.  Let’s face it — nobody is perfect. 

Good News: Telecom consultants find those overcharges and SAVE your business money.

Slikovni rezultat za lot's of invoices


With telecom technology evolving at a rapid pace, business managers are having a difficult time keeping up with all the changes.

Business are faced with having to choose and implement technologies such as voice over IP (VoIP), web conferencing services, IP-based phone systems, traditional voice communications services, T1s, PRIs etc.

A typical business processes thousands of communications invoices every year and each invoice includes hundreds of line items.

Telecom Consultant independently review your recent bills to poke holes in where your telecom utility is costing you more than it should (with a little help of a special software).  If there’s an overcharge, telecom consultants will find it, even if that means going analyzing tax and tariff codes, usage analysis, fees and surcharges or other elements of your bill.


We will not save you just money but your also your time, confusion, and aggravation in collecting and analyzing information, optimizing systems, evaluating alternatives, implementing changes, and working with vendors.

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In fact, our clients typically reduce their telecom expenses by 7,7% to 40% or more – Organizations of any size can benefit from our telecom consultants by gaining visibility of the contract terms while reducing monthly costs maintaining same functionality.


Most common invoice errors are:

  • Non-Recurring Errors are fairly easy to spot but rely on strong internal communications and processes inside your company:  “Other” Charges (such as fees and instalations), Incompleted call charges., Facility issues.
  • Recurring errors: Inventory ; Contract discrepancies.
  • Metering  errors: Often times, billing issues from your carrier are simply software-related: Overage Charges; Double-metering
  • Tax errors (especially for international companies) These errors are difficult to understand and are often a large source of saved money: Jurisdictional errors; Exemptions
  • Agent errors: The most common error is human error. Agents often take on an account-management role, but fail to deliver on the promises made at the time of contract execution. These errors can be costly if not found quickly and fixed immediately. Line management; Unfulfilled Credit


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