Deutsche Telekom warns of potential router hack

Deutsche Telekom on Monday warned of the possibility that nearly 1 million broadband routers have been hacked.
In a statement, the German incumbent said that around 900,000 of its 12.8 million fixed broadband customers with “specific routers” have been experiencing problems since Sunday afternoon.
Deutsche Telekom said there is no pattern to the problems, with some customers experience intermittent errors or marked fluctuations in quality, while others are unable to get online at all.
“Based on the error pattern, we cannot exclude the possibility that the routers have been targeted by external parties with the result that they can no longer register on the network,” said Deutsche Telekom.
The telco said it has been working on a solution with the router manufacturers through the night, and that the number of affected customers is “decreasing significantly”.

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It recommended that affected customers repeatedly try to disconnect and reconnect to the network, even if the first attempt did not resolve the problem.
“We are constantly applying new solutions to the network,” Deutsche Telekom said.
Customers who can’t get online but have a mobile contract with Deutsche Telekom are eligible for free mobile broadband access. Affected customers who don’t take mobile service from the company are advised to visit one of its stores.
Deutsche Telekom also played down reports that metropolitan areas have been most affected by the issue.
“There are no localised focal points,” the operator insisted. “The fact that the error pattern occurs more in metropolitan areas is due to population distribution, which means it is purely a statistical conclusion.”

Source: Total Telecom

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