People are using mobile data at ‘crazy’ levels and it’s making telco execs nervous

People are going mad for mobile data all around the globe, according to telecommunications executives, as the world awaits the extra capacity that 5G will bring.

“Providing really high speed coverage everywhere has really changed the behaviour and demands [of mobile users]. We have been testing completely unlimited data plans and people go crazy,” said Jesper Oldenburg, mobile strategy & technology vice president at Denmark’s TDC Group.

 Oldenburg said at the Huawei Mobile Broadband Forum in Tokyo that, in the face of escalating consumption, telcos were trying to figure out how to provide sufficient mobile capacity for both humans and machines — another demand that will only increase in the coming years.

Hidebumi Kitahara, senior director at Japan’s SoftBank Corporation, said that mobile data consumption per user has increased 1.5 to 2 times every year.

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“We used to provide 5GB for $50,” he told the forum. “But with 5GB users are not satisfied anymore. So what we decided to do was, for an additional $10, users can get four times the data capacity — 20GB.”

Kitahara added that Softbank makes “little money” on mobile data with such increases.

Huawei is betting that this appetite for more and more data will prove to be a pot of gold for its business, which relies on providing mobile infrastructure technology to carriers.

“In the future, the demand for more connectivity and higher speed at lower latency is infinite,” Huawei chief executive Ken Hu told the media in Tokyo.

Commercial 5G mobile networks are due to arrive in 2018, according to forum speakers.

Source: BI

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