MVNO targets mobile data to battle carriers in enterprise market

MVNO DataXoom focuses on mobile data services and support to battle against established carriers in lucrative enterprise market.

The enterprise market remains lucrative for telecommunications operators as the segment typically pay their bills on time and with so many devices connected to a network are less likely to churn compared with the traditional consumer segment.

Most operators have dedicated teams focused exclusively on enterprise segments, highlighting the importance the market is to the industry.

However, the appeal of the segment has bolstered competition between operators, with some struggling to find their place in the market. In addition, new service provider entrants have tapped into web-based platforms in finding new business models and service offerings in which to entice enterprise customers.

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Another form of service is coming from mobile virtual network operators, which strike agreements with current telecom operators, but are more focused on the enterprise segment and thus able to provide customized solutions and operations that can run on smaller profit margins.

One such company is DataXoom, which works with nationwide wireless operators Verizon Wireless, AT&T Mobility and Sprint for connectivity and adds its own service platform to allow enterprises to manage usage and expenses for “data-only mobile device fleets.” DataXoom’s support includes tablets, Wi-Fi hot spots, wireless routers, wearables and laptops that an enterprise can manage through an online portal.

On this week’s Carrier Wrap, we speak with Rob Chamberlin, co-founder and chief revenue officer of DataXoom, about the MVNO’s enterprise-focused business model and how the company is able to take advantage of areas in the market where larger operators are unable or unwilling to target.

Let’s take a look at that interview now.

Source: RCR Wireless

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