French “do not call” list already have 6 million phone numbers

The DGCCRF, France’s anti-fraud and consumer protection agency, announced that 2.7 million people have listed 6 million phone numbers on the Bloctel ‘do not call’ register.

While around 500 businesses have actively taken part in the initiative, the DGCCRF has received nearly 330,000 complaints in the six months of operation, with 90 percent reporting nuisance calls on fixed numbers (of which half related to ping calls).

On 1 June 2016 France launched a new do not call list known as the ‘BLOCTEL‘ list whereby any French resident can register their landline and mobile numbers so that they will no longer receive marketing telephone calls.

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The BLOCTEL list was created by French Consumer law No. 2014-344 and it means that: (1) companies are prohibited from making any marketing calls to consumers who are registered on the BLOCTEL list (although this does not apply to pre-existing customers of the company); and (2) companies cannot sell the information of any individual on the BLOCTEL list. Companies are also required to inform consumers about the BLOCTEL list.

Companies who fail to comply with the above face fines of up to EUR 75,000.

When conducting marketing activity in France, an organisation should now ensure that it has in place processes that check any call marketing list against the BLOCTEL list to ensure it is not contacting any person listed that is not an existing customer, particularly given the risks of fines if it fails to comply.

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