List of MVNOs and Services for your Business Needs (US)

MVNOs with plans designed exclusively for your business are a relatively new concept and as such there are very few providers out there that that focus on that demographic.  Here I have compiled a list of such providers as well as some VoIP providers.  One of the truly unique offerings in this list is DataXoom, as they currently only provide data for your business, and they provide a lot of it.

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They also give you a lot of control over it through MDM (mobile device management) and allow you to determine how it gets used by various individuals throughout your business.  MetTel is also unique in this regard offering MDM, but, they also allow you to pool data, voice and text together from 3 out of the 4 major wireless providers all under the umbrella of one plan.  This helps you to avoid dead spots with the nationwide coverage that they offer.

MVNOs and Phone Service for Your Business

The following providers offer plans and services to help meet your businesses needs

Prepaid ProviderNetwork UsedMinutes/Texts IncludedDataPrice $
(Data only provider)
AT&T,Sprint, andVerizonNApay as you go, GB, and TB options for pooled datainquire within
MetTel MobileAT&T,Sprint, and
inquire withininquire withininquire within
NetOnTheRunT-Mobileunlimited/unlimitedunlimited first 1GB at LTE$45.00
Bluegreen MobileT-Mobileunlimited/unlimited10GB LTE$35.00
Bluegreen MobileAT&T/T-Mobileunlimited/unlimited1GB LTE$29.99
Call Ring TalkCloud Based Serviceunlimited callingNAstarting at $0, higher for more than 1 user
FreedomPopSprintBulk Discount Pricing/Must Contact for More infoBulk Discount Pricing/Must Contact for More infoinquire within
TingSprint/T-Mobilecustomizablecustomizablea la carte pricing and plans
Mast Mobile 2 phone numbers one phoneSprintunlimited/unlimited1 GB$50


 Source: Best MVNO

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