Lufthansa to launch prepaid mobile card

One SIM card for the whole world: Lufthansa Mobile enables low cost telephone calls and data with full cost control in over 180 countries.

Germany’s largest airline selects Naka Mobile to launch its international ‘Lufthansa Mobile Prepaid Card’ allowing passengers to slash their international roaming bills and stay connected. Naka Mobile, a global mobile telecommunication and technology company, today announced that Lufthansa, Germany’s largest airline and a founding member of the Star Alliance, has selected Naka technology to launch its Lufthansa Mobile Prepaid Card, in order to combat inflated network roaming charges.

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Naka Mobile has proven industry experience in providing best-in-class technology and enhancing global connectivity. Recent customer examples include its work with SWISS, and Tech Data. The Naka SIM is highly flexible and works in all leading handsets and tablets with a SIM card slot (not SIM-locked) and is provided in 3-in-1 format (standard, micro and nano).

Lufthansa Mobile now meets the so-called “always on” customer demand for those travelling, and at low cost. The prepaid tariff is a welcome opportunity for both holidaymakers and business travellers who want to make affordable phone calls abroad, be reachable at any time and who want to go online, all with full control over the costs.

The start-up package for the Lufthansa Mobile Prepaid Card costs a one-off fee of 29 euros including 19 euros of credit. One of the package options available for use within the EU offers 500 MB for 9.90 euros or 1 GB for 14.90 euros for 30 days at a time. For intercontinental use, such as in the USA, Brazil or China, costs vary from 10 cents to 29 cents per minute and megabyte. Similar rates from other providers usually start at 1.49 euros per minute. There is no binding contract with Lufthansa Mobile.

The SIM card is currently available at and will be also be available to buy on-board from 1 March 2017.

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