The biggest phobia in the world? ‘Nomophobia’

Nomophobia is referred to a psychological syndrome in which a person is afraid of being out of mobile or cell phone contact.

Nomophobia, coined from a term “no-mobile-phone-phobia” during a research study to find out the psychological ramifications and stress level of mobile phone usage on behavior, describes the level of fear generated when a user is unable to communicate through their cell phone.

This behavior is triggered when for any operational, technical or even general reason the mobile phone is inactive such as lack of network signal, low reception, empty battery, finished credit or forgetting the cell phone at home or office.

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 Nomophobia is clearly visible in all those individuals that use their cell phone to communicate and keep in touch with their employees, colleagues, friend and family.

If you think you may suffer from nomophobia – or ‘no mobile phone phobia’ – then the warning signs are:

  • An inability to ever turn your phone off
  • Obsessively checking for missed calls, emails and texts
  • Constantly topping up your battery life
  • Being unable to pop to the bathroom without taking your phone in with you.

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The number of people afflicted with nomophobia was revealed in a study by SecurEnvoy, and shows a rise from a similar study four years ago, where 53 per cent of people admitted the fear of losing their phone.

In the latest study, of the 1,000 people surveyed in the UK, 66 percent said they felt the fear.


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