Telefónica is celebrating 93rd birthday today

Short History:

1924  CTNE is set up in Madrid; ITT is one of its initial shareholders

1960  CTNE becomes the #1 Spanish enterprise (100,000 shareholders, 32,000 employees)

1978   Installs the 10 millionth phone

1987   Begins trading at the New York Stock Exchange

1994   Launches digital mobile telephony: Movistar

1995   Commercial Internet is being born. Telefónica launches Infovía

1999 Telefónica becomes fully public again – Launches fixed broadband access service ADSL

Today Telefonica have 350 million clients in 21 countries and more than 276.4 million mobile phones accesses; 38.2 million fixed telephony accesses; more than 21.6 million Internet and data accesses and 8.2 million pay TV accesses.

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