20% of Danes are confused about EU roaming, 3 Denmark said

On 15 June, the EU’s new roaming rules will enter into force. But there is a great deal of confusion among Danish mobile customers about what it means for future foreign telephony.

A study by Wilke shows that 20% of Danes believe that they can roam freely in the EU this summer and avoid additional bills.

Every 5 Danes mistakenly believe that they can roam freely throughout the EU regardless of subscription. 45% have heard about EU legislation regarding Roaming prices, but do not know the details, and 26% have not heard of the new regulations at all. This shows a study conducted by Wilke on behalf of 3. And that means that a large proportion of Danes are at risk of returning from the summer vacation to a surprisingly large mobile bill.

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“We understand that the Danes are confused about this. The media have written very differently about the case – not least about EU politicians who are burdened to have added roaming fees to the grave. The fact is, however, that telecommunications companies with the new legislation have the opportunity to restrict free roaming and pay extra for consumption. We therefore recommend that you still keep track of the roaming options you have in your subscription before departure, “says David Elsass, Director of the Private Market at 3.

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The operator said it continues to offer its 3LikeHome subscriptions, which let customers use their mobile phone in 52 countries for the same prices as in Denmark. 3 said it currently has no plans to change its subscriptions or prices. However, it did bring out two new, domestic-only subscriptions for retail customers on 25 April. One costs DKK 79 per month and provides 5 GB of data and five hours’ talk time, and the other costs DKK 99 and provides 15 GB with fifteen hours’ talk time.

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