P4 publishes new roam-like-home conditions

Polish mobile operator P4, trading under the brand Play, has published new prices for roaming services in the EU in line with the roam-like-home principle, reports In line with expectations, the services are cheaper than before, but they are not equal to the prices of domestic services.

In the new roaming offer, Play provides clients with both unit billing and packages included in the basic price. The offers vary according to the subscription fee.


One minute of an outgoing call ranges from PLN 0.15 to PLN 0.30. Selected packages include roaming minute packages ranging from 250 to 820 minutes. All packages must be used within one year. Beyond the package, clients pay PLN 0.16 per minute.

One minute of incoming call costs PLN 0.05 and a minimum package (including pre-paid and mix offers) is 50 minutes. The biggest package is 700 minutes.

An SMS costs from PLN 0.05 to PLN 0.09 and packages include maximum 400 SMS (most tariffs do not include the package). After spending the package, the rate is PLN 0.05 per SMS. MMS costs from PLN 0.04 to PLN 0.09 and packages include a maximum of 50 MMS.


The price of 1 MB of data also costs from PLN 0.04 to PLN 0.09. Packages range from 1 GB to 8 GB.

Play announced its new roaming price list in an unusual way, via a paid advertisement in the daily Pulsu Biznesu.

Irrespective of the above price list, Play still offers roaming services under current, unchanged conditions.

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