T-Mobile Poland announces new roaming rules

T-Mobile Poland announced that from 15 June, the roam-like-at-home rules will apply in the EU. The information on roaming rates for individual tariffs will be published on the operator’s web. Until 15 June, when T-Mobile clients log in to a foreign network, they get a welcome SMS with the roaming prices for services, which they can also check in the application My T-Mobile.

From 15 June, using roaming services in roaming zone 1A will not cost more than the following amounts for the majority of tariffs: PLN 0.29 gross per minute for outgoing calls, and PLN 0.09 gross for outgoing SMS, MMS and 1 MB of data.

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When the unit price for a service is zero or is not listed in the basic price list for the respective tariff, customers will be able to use a free packages of services in line with the Fair usage policy for roaming in zone 1A. FUP limits for incoming calls are 1,500 minutes for contract customers and 500 minutes for pre-paid users.

After spending the free package, using of roaming services will be charged in line with the EU Regulation. The rates beyond FUP are as follows: PLN 0.16 per minute of outgoing call; PLN 0.05 per minute of incoming call; PLN 0.05 per outgoing SMS; PLN 0.04 per megabyte of data and PLN 0.04 per outgoing MMS.

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