Confirms Xiaomi Mi MIX 2 – Philip Stark To Create a Dream Phone!

Xiaomi Mi MIX is considered as the best surprise release as well as the best innovative smartphone, last year. The flagship even reached Times Magazines. Now all eyes are on its upcoming successor ‘Xiaomi Mi MIX 2’.

Today’s morning brought the best news for Xiaomi and its enthusiasts as the official @Xiaomi smartphone shared a post on Weibo. Two pictures were attached with the post, showing the designer of Xiaomi Mi MIX ‘Philip Stark’ along with the Xiaomi team. The post said:

He led the design of a comprehensive concept of a smartphone Xiaomi Mi MIX for us to open a door to the future for the next generation MIX. How will it breakthrough imagination? Full of talent and dreams of Xiaomi smartphone design team will bring what kind of surprise?

xiaomi mi mix 2

The post was later forward by the Xiaomi’s CEO ‘Lei Jun,’ who said:

Philip Stark and Xiaomi to discuss the next generation of MIX

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