Simyo launched new tariffs for those who call less, starting from 2€

The focus of large operators this days is focused on unlimited offers, with different amounts of data, while among the virtual are already common. The fact is that many, even those who have those unlimited calls in rates, when we look at our mobile bill we see that we do not reach even 100, or even 50 minutes in calls a month.

Simyo allows free combination of voice and data volumes, until now it was a bonus of 30 minutes, the next being 100 minutes. Today Simyo is starting with the options for those who less call grow, with the arrival of bonds of 20 and 50 minutes.

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20 minutes for a euro or 50 minutes for 2.5 euros, these are the new bonds Simyo offers today. If we take into account, in both cases we find that, if consumed in full, the minute of call would be paid at five cents, without establishment of call. Exceeded minutes included calls would be paid at the rate of six cents per minute plus 18 cents.

Voice and data from two euros per month

Simyo is clearly Orange’s answer for the telecom low cost. Its main brand fights for competing in the ring for the most complete convergent rates, Amena is the option for those looking for well-nourished mobile rates or convergence low cost and Simyo the brand that offers mobile rates at reduced prices.

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In fact, with the addition of the new Simyo voice tickets, you can set a rate with minutes and data included (20 minutes and 100 MB) for two euros per month. Obviously, there will be very few user profiles that will have enough with that configuration, but the strength of Simyo is that it can adapt to virtually any type of user, because of the numerous combinations that come from combining its seven data bonuses and six voice.


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