Almost 75% of German companies uses social media

Almost three quarters (73%) of German companies are active on social media, according to a survey executed for German ICT federation Bitkom. The survey found that all businesses with more than 500 employees are active on social media and of the businesses with between 100 and 500 employees 88% is active on social media, which drops to 68 percent for businesses with between 20 and 100 employees. The most used social media is social networks like Facebook, Xing and Linkedin with 99 percent followed by Twitter with 60 percent, video platforms (like YouTube and Vimeo) with 41 percent.

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Photo platforms like Flickr and Instagram is used by 27 percent of German businesses, messaging services like Whatsapp and Snapchat by 25 percent and local rating sites like Foursquare or Yelp by online 10 percent. For companies who do not use social media the main reason not to do so is personnel with 36 percent, followed by legal issues 24 percent and seeing no benefits with 21 percent.


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