Van Damme quits early as head of Deutsche Telekom Germany; Woessner returns

Deutsche Telekom is Europe’s biggest telecoms group by sales, and is active dozens of countries, concentrated on Europe and the United States.

Its German business generated revenue of 22 billion euros ($25 billion) and adjusted operating profit of 8.8 billion euros in 2016.

Germany is Deutsche Telekom’s second-biggest market after the United States. The company is investing heavily at home to promote bundled TV and telecoms packages and broadband to encourage its customers to spend more as mobile subscriber growth stagnates.

Woessner, head of Rogers‘ consumer business, previously spent 13 years at Deutsche Telekom, most recently as sales director for business and consumer customers in Germany.

Timotheus Hoettges, CEO of DT, said van Damme had made some significant contributions to the group during his tenure, including the consolidation of fixed-network and mobile business into a single entity, the build-out and upgrade of networks, and improvements in service quality.

“He knows this company better than nearly anyone else,” Hoettges added. “In the recent years he spent outside the Deutsche Telekom Group, he was able to gather valuable experience, which he will be able to contribute to his work at Deutsche Telekom starting next year.”


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