Comview Introduces Enhanced Visual Business Analytics for Telecom Expense Management

Comview Corporation, a leading provider of fixed/mobile telecom expense management (TEM), call accounting and related software and services, announced the addition of Tableau business analytics to its communications lifecycle management platform. The move provides added interactive data visualization, exploration, and customization for its enterprise customers.

Tableau’s visual business analytics capabilities augment the existing rich reporting and BI tools in Comview’s portal and provide visually stunning, interactive and customizable access to important metrics in ways that are meaningful to each organization.

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“As we considered customer input and explored different avenues to add enhanced business analytics to our telecom expense management services, roads kept leading us back to Tableau,” shared Comview CEO and Founder, John Perri.

Throughout the research and evaluation process, Tableau Software continuously emerged as a market leader for advanced data visualization and business intelligence. Both analysts and the business community have ranked Tableau highly for functionality and attractive, interactive data exploration.

Tableau has been recognized for the fifth consecutive time in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence and Analytics Platforms.

“We chose Tableau for its maturity, features and wide adoption in the enterprise space, including use by many of our customers,” Perri added, “Plus, we didn’t want to lock users into pre-defined dashboards and charts. Customers and analysts who’ve previewed our new offering have been extremely excited and enthusiastic.”

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Hyoun Park, Enterprise Tech Whisperer at Amalgam Insights, shared,

“To fully analyze technology expense data, analysts need to have the self-service capability to discover carrier issues, overages, and spend patterns that do not show up in basic reports. With self-service analytics, technology expense optimization becomes more dynamic and sophisticated.”

Comview has a growing library of pre-configured dashboards for each of its modules. However, the real power comes from providing customers access to their data, via multiple deployment options, so they can customize existing dashboards or create their own from scratch.

Organizations, including those with in-house Tableau technology and expertise, will finally gain the freedom to creatively visualize, share and understand their telecom usage, expenses and more in unique and meaningful ways.


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