Missing online information costs UK businesses lost revenue

UK independent high street businesses are losing out on revenue worth up to GBP 6.1 billion as a result of inaccurate or missing online information, according to research released by UK Domain. The study shows that 67 percent of consumers now look online for information before going to a physical shop.

However, 61 percent of independent businesses have inaccurate or missing opening hours listed online, with 63 percent of shoppers saying they would not return to a businesses if they arrived to find it was shut after online information said it was open.

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As a champion of getting small businesses online, the UK Domain is encouraging all independent high street businesses to take charge of their web presence. Those with a website are more likely to win the confidence of potential customers because 69 per cent of UK consumers trust businesses that have one.

Online ‘must haves’

It’s not all about click-and-collect or buying online, the six most important things UK consumers want to be able to find at the click of a button are:

Most important pieces of informaiton on a website2

  1.  Opening hours (87%)
  2. Product information (86%)
  3. Opening days (85%)
  4. Address (81%)
  5. Contact information (78%)
  6. Business background (36%) 


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