Apple Pay expanding to the UAE, Denmark, Finland, & Sweden by year’s end

The Apple CFO announced that Apple Pay will come to the UAE, Denmark, Finland, and Sweden by the end of this year…

Maestri didn’t offer any specific launch information, simply saying Apple Pay is “scheduled to go live before the end of this calendar year” in those countries. Most recently, Apple Pay expanded to Italy and it continues to expand to new banks around the world.

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Maestri also offered some additional details on Apple Pay’s growth, saying the service accounts for 90 percent of all mobile transactions around the world and is hugely popular outside of the United States where infrastructure is more advanced and compatible with NFC:

Apple Pay is by far the number one NFC payment service on mobile devices with nearly 90% of all transactions globally. Momentum is strongest in international markets where the infrastructure for mobile payments has developed faster than in the US. In fact, three out of four Apple Pay transactions happen outside the US.


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