A1 CEO may leave due to irreconcilable differences with Telekom Austria CEO

The CEO of Austrian operator A1 may be set to change, based on recent comments from the Telekom Austria management in the press, reported Der Standard.

Chairman of the Supervisory Board Wolfgang Ruttenstorfer called in an interview with the Kurier for a clarification of the recent reports of a management dispute at the partially state-owned enterprise.

“When there are irreconcilable differences in a management, then measures need to be taken”, said Ruttenstorfer for the newspaper, and continued “then one has to leave”.

The day before, Die Presse reported on an exchange of views between the Telekom Austria Group CEO Alejandro Plater and the CEO of the Austrian subsidiary A1, Margarete Schrambock. Schrambock told Die Presse that the topic had been clarified in a one-to-one talk with Plater. However, both newspaper reports suggested that the matter could lead to Schrambock’s departure.

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