Apple, Samsung dominate business smartphone market in NL

Around 43 percent of all business smartphones surveyed by Computer Profile during the past 6 months at Dutch company sites with 50 or more employees are Apple iPhones. This means it continues to be the most popular smartphone in this target group. Samsung accounts for more than a third of all business smartphones.

Blackberry, which in 2012 was the market leader with 31 percent, currently accounts for 1 percent of smartphones used for business. The Blackberry smartphones released since 2016 also run mainly on Android. Microsoft reached a peak with a 17 percent market share in 2015 and now stands at 13 percent. Microsoft has largely pulled back from the smartphone market, with no new Windows smartphones coming out this year.

At Android, Samsung is by far the market leader. The brand accounts for 37 percent of all commercially used smartphones. Apple smartphones have the highest share of the government sector, where more than half of all smartphones run iOS. Samsung is strongest in the healthcare sector, where it has a share of 61 percent. In education, Samsung is still weak. Here Microsoft/Nokia has the highest share.

After several periods with increasing market share, we now see that Microsoft Phone devices are declining once again. Microsoft’s acquisition of the Nokia smartphone division was only announced at the end of 2013, and the fact that they would market the devices using their own name (Microsoft) was only announced at the end of 2014.

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At the end of 2016 it became clear that the Nokia brand would return to the smartphone market. HMD, a Finnish company, had already purchased the feature-phone division from Microsoft and they have now acquired the rights to release smartphones under the Nokia name. The first Nokia Android smartphones from HMD are expected to appear on the market in the course of 2017.

The share of business mobile phones at company sites with 50 or more employees differs according to the type and the size of the company. While more than half the users have a Samsung smartphone in multinationals, we can see that less than a quarter use a Samsung in national enterprises (250 to 2500 employees in the Netherlands). On average, we are seeing more Nokia smartphones returning in this segment. Blackberry OS (the operating system developed by RIM) and Symbian OS seem to have both vanished in thin air.

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