Phone with …less technology features. And Whatsapp!

TIM launches exclusive, first in Italy, TIM Easy 4G the first 4G mobile phone, featuring a compact and functional vintage design with a traditional alphanumeric keypad that simplifies its use, is specifically designed for the less-familiar audience with technology.

Thanks to TIM’s 4G network, the new mobile phone, in addition to calling and sending SMS, allows easy and intuitive use of the most popular instant messaging (Whatsapp) even by those more traditional customers who still do not have a smartphone and are looking for simple, cheap, and long-lasting devices.

TIM Easy 4G is the most advanced answer to bringing the most popular customers to the Internet while using mobile and instant messaging.

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You can choose to buy it at 79.99 Euro in a single solution or you can choose the zero rate promotion that includes the only advance of 29 Euro (with a 24-month bond) and with 1 Giga on each month.

In addition, TIM offers “single entry” customers the 1Gb bid at 3 Euros per month, with no activation costs.


Android Operating System
2.4 “display
4G LTE connectivity
Camera: Rear- 2 MP CMOS Front-VGA
GPS and Bluetooth
Whatsapp Integrated

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