Which apps consume a lot of data, which don’t?

Many smartphone subscriptions come with a fair amount of data these days, but it’s good to keep an eye on your consumption. Here are four categories of apps and tips to limit their consumption. Navigation apps Apps that use GPS to determine your location – such as Google Maps – often consume data. Fortunately most of these programs can now also download…

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Which countries uses the most mobile data?

Access to mobile broadband Internet in OECD countries continues to expand and will soon reach 100% of its population according to the latest OECD report on the outlook for the digital economy. Smartphones have contributed significantly to the development of mobile Internet, although operators limit the amount of data available. The French therefore adapt their mobile data consumption, which amounts…

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Can UK “roam like at home” be saved after Brexit?

The referendum where UK voters chose to exit the European Union has many unanticipated consequences. One that is gaining visibility in the UK just now is the impact of Brexit on mobile roaming arrangements. How might the UK maintain roaming arrangements with the EU in the event of a hard Brexit? The referendum where UK voters chose to exit the…

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