PremiumSIM: LTE tariff with 10 GB for 19.99 Euro monthly

PremiumSIM has been offering tariff LTE 10000 for a few days: For 19.99 euros monthly there is 10 GB (up to 50 Mbit / s) of data volume and an allnet flat. The 4G rate can be canceled monthly, so you can react quickly to market changes.

The tariff includes an Allnet Flat for telephony and SMS in all German networks (landline + mobile). If you opt for PremiumSIM, a one-time fee of 9.99 euros will be charged.

When the contract is concluded, new customers will receive an exchange bonus of 10 euros if the exchange does not take place within the Drillisch Group.
In addition to LTE 10000, PremiumSIM also offers two more 4G tariffs.

LTE 10000 ist ein neuer 4G-Tarif des Discounters (Bildquelle: PremiumSIM)

LTE 2000 with 3 GB costs 9.99 euros per month, while you pay for the tariff LTE 3000 with 4 GB a monthly basic charge of 12.99 euros.

Until the November 2nd there is an action at the mobile operator and 1 GB of data volume. The two mobile phone tariffs offer a transmission rate of up to 50 Mbit / s (o2 network) and an Allnet Flat. The tariffs with 2 and 3 GB can be announced within one month. Of the price performance is particularly LTE 10000 with 10 GB inclusive volume for 19.99 euros attractive.

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