Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Enterprise Edition With Three-Year Security Updates Promise Launched

Samsung has now brought the Galaxy Note 8 Enterprise Edition as its latest offering designed to meet the requirements of the enterprise market. The new handset is touted to offer PC-class support to target enterprise and SMB markets and is available at a price of $994 via authorised Samsung channel partners in the United States.

Unlike the original Note 8, Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 Enterprise Edition comes with the promise of monthly security updates for up to three years. The South Korean company is also giving a purchase assurance that the same device model will be available for purchase up to two years from the date of its availability. This means that enterprise customers can offer consistent experience to their users without having to worry about the device going EOL at a later stage.

Samsung’s latest attempt with the Galaxy Note 8 Enterprise Edition is not the first attempt by smartphone manufacturers to target the enterprise market. Ontario-based BlackBerry had widely adopted a similar approach in the past. Apple has also expanded its Device Enrollment Program (DEP) with the iOS 11 release to enable enterprises to deploy multiple iPhone and iPad devices.

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