Sunrise offers Unified Communications and Collaboration as a Service

The business world is moving faster and faster. Market conditions can change suddenly, placing companies with rigid organizational and collaborative structures at a huge competitive disadvantage

“Unified Communications & Collaboration as a Service (UCaaS) combines landline, mobile telephony, e-mail, instant messaging, video conferences, document and desktop sharing on one platform. This will allow companies to have all of their employees collaborate internally and externally and work at various locations in a secure environment. With the new Sunrise UCaaS, we offer the solutions a company needs to adopt and modify today’s state-of-the-art collaboration platforms at the drop of a hat.” This is how Robert Wigger, Chief Business Officer, describes the new Sunrise offer for business customers.

By combining the various communications and collaboration services on a single platform, as well as enabling mobile access to information from any device, employees are no longer location-dependent. Video conferencing and online collaboration tools make time-consuming and expensive business trips unnecessary. Additionally, presence management options enable employees to plan their meetings and work schedule efficiently.

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Very few companies are able or willing to launch and manage their own UC&C solutions. This is why Sunrise now offers them as a service: Sunrise UCaaS. Just as one example, it allows companies to replace or upgradetheir existing phone systems without making a large investment in their infrastructure expansion (CAPEX), by using the latest UC&C solutions as a service (OPEX) instead. Customers can choose individual services and tailor them to their own needs, and will be charged only for services they use.

With its UCaaS portfolio, Sunrise can introduce and integrate individual technologies, or offer an entire package to answer companies’ strategic questions about their communication and collaboration setup. This puts the focus on core business questions, such as: “Is our communication and collaboration structure flexible enough to meet our customers’ needs?” – “Can we adapt quickly enough to changing market conditions with our own resources?” – “Can our infrastructure costs be adapted flexibly to meet operational needs?” – “How quickly can the infrastructure be available when we need it urgently?”

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