63% of Xiaomi’s European sales is in Spain

The Chinese brand Xiaomi has sold in the main markets of Europe almost 1.4 million smartphones so far this year according to the latest data from Kantar Worldpanel ComTech.

Xiaomi announced yesterday that it officially began sales of smartphones in Spain, the first country among the main European markets where their phones will be available locally. Although this represents the official landing of the brand in Europe, the company’s smartphones have been making their way on the continent in significant amounts as the figures handled by Kantar Worldpanel prove.

The choice of Spain is not casual: 63% of that 1.4 million purchases were made in Spain.

“However, without the direct support of the operators, the growth potential of Xiaomi in Europe is very low, most of the sales at this time are made through Chinese online import channels such as Ali Express & GearBest. who know and are willing to buy from these types of stores are relatively specialized and can not see any significant progress for Xiaomi in Europe without the direct support of a major operator, “explains Dominic Sunnebo, Global Business Director of Kantar Worldpanel Comtech.

These figures place the Chinese brand as the fifth best selling brand in Spain so far this year reaching 8.4% of total sales (5 points more than last year), which puts it at the same level as Apple during the same period. So far in 2017 Samsung is still the leading brand, followed by Huawei and Spanish BQ

Although Xiaomi’s success in Europe is not limited to smartphones: Xiaomi was the fifth largest provider of activity and wearables wristbands last year in EU5 , where it sold 1.2 million activity wristbands.

“The good performance of Xiaomi in Spain is mainly due to the price of its terminals, which are around 250 euros, offering very similar services to other terminals that have a much higher price premium”, explains Pablo Martinez, ComTech consultant for Kantar Worldpanel Spain.

In Spain, the average smartphone price is 228 euros, 28 euros more than the previous year. If we analyze the data by segments we see that most of the smartphones purchased in Spain from January to September 2017 were between 100 and 200 euros (39.2% of the total), followed by smartphones from 200 to 300 euros (18 , 3% of total sales). However, the segment that grows the most with respect to the same period of the previous year is that of mobile phones from 400 to 500 euros, while those with the lowest prices fall.

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