IDC’s Latest CloudView Study Reveals The Top Three Drivers Of Cloud Adoption

Newly released results from the industry-leading International Data Corporation (IDC) CloudView Survey 2017 reveal that the top drivers of cloud adoption include improving agility and security, as well as standardizing IT infrastructure. As multi-cloud environments and hybrid cloud become more prevalent, the survey revealed that 87% of cloud users have adopted some capabilities for a hybrid cloud strategy, an increase of 17%…

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54 percent of Dutch businesses use software in the cloud. 71 percent of the public sector segment are using an SaaS solution. This means the public sector leads the pack in SaaS usage for the Dutch business market. SaaS applications are particularly popular in education. In this sector, 91 percent of software is in the cloud. Primary education is not…

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Top 10 Cloud Technologies Market

Top 10 Cloud Technologies Market: Hybrid Cloud, Cloud Storage, Cloud Migration, Cloud Orchestration, Integration Platform As-A-Service, Disaster Recovery As-A-Service, Multi Cloud Management, Video-As-A Service, Cloud Analytics, and Wi-Fi-As-A-Service and cloud adoption is increasing rapidly by enterprises due to various factors such as the need for agility, on-demand scalability, flexibility, and cost effectiveness, said latest report by MarketsandMarkets. READ MORE: AWS, IBM, Google and…

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AWS, IBM, Google and Azure dominate cloud revenues

New Q4 data from Synergy Research Group shows that Amazon Web Services (AWS) is maintaining its dominant share of the burgeoning public cloud services market at over 40%, while the three main chasing cloud providers – Microsoft, Google and IBM – are gaining ground but at the expense of smaller players in the market. In aggregate the three have increased…

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Nokia analysis demonstrates significant financial benefits for large enterprises moving to a private cloud from a legacy IT environment

Most large enterprises can save a minimum of 25 percent on their IT costs over five years by moving to a private cloud from a legacy IT environment, according to a financial analysis conducted by Nokia. The analysis, known as the ‘Nokia Enterprise Private Cloud TCO Model’ – the first of its kind in the industry – also demonstrates that…

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