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Management and Optimization of Telco Costs

Are you ready to reduce your company phone bill easily by up to 25%?

With a 25% increase in three years, the telecommunications bill now among the first items of company’s expenses.

Communication expenses (data and voice) have in the past years become an important topic in cost containment discussions.
Telecom expenses have become a significant expense that now equates on average to 3.6% of revenue for enterprises.
According to ARCEP (The Autorité de Régulation des Communications Électroniques et des Postes), the cost of a telephone is a charge of 350 € per year in landline telephony and 360 € per year in mobile equipment; maintenance not included. Amounts that can be doubled or even tripled in some ICT companies.

Bills have error rates between 7 and 12% and only 15% of companies check properly due to lack of jurisdiction and time to interpret.

Companies have tons of invoices to process, which can be especially overwhelming if those are in paper form. A telecom management consultant can help assess your spending and inventory, provide automated billing and can negotiate contracts for you.
We can even apply for refunds on your behalf for services that were incorrectly billed.

Typically, unnecessary telecom costs consist of several components:

Waste: expensive calls made by employees, who are unaware of the real service price
Suboptimal plans: historically assigned plans are typically not optimal for employees: for example, bundled minutes are not used, or the call plan is not matched with the current users’ behavior.
Billing errors: there is little oversight of billing errors: calls not performed, rates out of line with the contract
Private usage: personal costs incurred by employees that are not reimbursed
Telecom cost management: Effective cost management requires actionable information as well as active oversight.

Want to know more about Telecom Expense Management?

Each of our customers is unique and there is no one-size-fits all solution for telecom expense management.

What you can expect?

We shall give you a comprehensive overview of usage. Monthly reports reveal areas for potential savings on telecom services, and suggest optimization options for particular items.

Users are provided with deep insight: identifying billing discrepancies, zero usage, and other unneeded expenses reports, ad’hoc analytical services, spending statistic dashboards, and much more. See who has what, how much it costs, and who is using it.

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