No more walking and talking on the Honolulu streets

So-called “smartphone zombies” face fines for looking down at their devices in a bid to reduce injuries and deaths Pedestrians have been banned from looking at their mobile phones while crossing the street in Honolulu. Hawaiian authorities say the aim is to reduce injuries and deaths from “distracted walking”. Anyone found looking at their phone faces a fine of between…

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UK mobile phone networks overcharge customers by up to £38 a month

Citizens Advice calls for Ofcom and the government to take action Three of the four largest mobile phone networks overcharge customers extra for a handset after the cost has been covered in their fixed deal, reveals Citizens Advice. The consumer group Citizens Advice found that customers of Vodafone, EE and Three who choose to stay on the same phone plan…

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Can a mobile phone replace the wallet?

The global trade body Mobile Ecosystem Forum’s annual Mobile Money Report supported by Wirecard, and published by Internet Retailing, suggest mobile phone could replace the wallet. On a survey with 6,000 consumers  in nine countries about their attitudes towards mobile payments, 18% of shoppers said they have used their phones to pay in a shop. The 18% figure reflects a…

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