Return to monthly bills saves Italian consumers EUR 21 a year

If, as widely expected, Italian operators are required to return to billing fixed line customers on a 30-day rather than a 28-day basis, the resulting savings will be around EUR 21 a year, according to a study by price comparison site Sos Tariffe. READ MORE: Italian fixed plan prices up 29% due to 28-day bills The average cost of a…

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Subscribers accuse telecoms operators of over-billing

NCC receives 15,377 complaints in Q2 Billing-related issues have topped the various complaints put up by subscribers against telecommunications service providers in the second quarter of the year in Nigeria. Although the complaints dropped in Q2 compared to Q1, the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) was still inundated with over 15,000 complaints with billing-related issues accounting for 58 per cent. In…

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Many Telecom Bills are Inflated by Optional Surcharges

Many people are not aware that Telecom Carriers put in surcharges that they don’t have to. Most people are aware that taxes and surcharges are a big part of their telecom bill, and many charges are simply charges mandated and passed on by the phone company. For example if you have a long distance bill for $10,000 a month, you…

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