Sourcing & Benchmark

There are several questions that need to be answered:

  • Have the financial conditions been set sharply?

  • Does the proposed solution suit your organisation and is it based on the latest technology?

  • Are the proposed Service Levels adequate and do they meet your requirements?

  • Is there a good balance between your contractual rights and your obligations towards the provider?


Slikovni rezultat za benchmarking RED

Before you renew your telecom contracts, broaden your knowledge of other recent telecom negotiations with Alert telecom sourcing services.
Sourcing solutions evaluate your current plans and compare them to benchmarked data and your future goals. Many sourcing solutions can work with a company of any size to cover voice, data, wireless, conferencing and expense management. A 20 percent reduction in total telecom costs is completely attainable.

Successful sourcing initiatives begin with a thorough understanding of all current assets, a clearly defined strategy and the right market intelligence.

We have an extensive library of industry programs, services, products, rates, terms and conditions, discounts offerings, etc. This can help benchmark your current pricing against other organizations with similar volumes, vendors, service mix, etc.

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