The Apple Watch 3 will not support international roaming, even in Europe

The Apple Watch 3 may come into conflict with European laws after it was revealed that the device won’t support international roaming

A Reddit user that goes by the name learnjava, contacted Apple Support and asked for clarification on the question relating to roaming, and international support for the smartwatch. The support team reportedly replied stating the following:

  • The watch will not support roaming. At all. For Europeans that means your country only, even after the recent (June) law about European roaming freedom
  • there is no way to use a European watch with e.g. a US-carrier. The hardware might support identical bands (but even then way different than what we are used to from iPhones) but the service rep told me that it is not clear when and if at all it will be possible to change countries. Could be a hardware limit

News of the Apple Watch 3’s lack of roaming support is unlikely to go down well with the European Commission (EC), either, which earlier this year which forced networks to drop mobile roaming.

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“If you pay for a monthly package of minutes, SMS and data in your country, any voice call, SMS and data session you make while travelling abroad in the EU will be deducted from that volume as if you were at home, with no extra charges,” the EC said at the time. This means the end of roaming charges as travellers have experienced them so far.”

The Apple Watch 3 was announced on September 12 at an event held in the Steve Jobs Theater and will retail for $399. The company also announced refreshed non-cellular options starting at $329.


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