Vodafone launches fiber to 1 Gbps symmetric from 65 euros per month

From September 25, more than four million Spanish homes will be able to start using internet at ultra-fast speeds. The symmetrical 1 Gbps connection will be available throughout Vodafone’s FTTH network and part of ONO’s HFC network, which has already been upgraded to DOCSIS 3.0, although the operator’s intention is to bring that coverage to eight million households in March 2018.

First will begin to commercialize the fiber of 1 Gbps symmetrical within the convergent offer of Vodafone, from 82 euros per month.

From October 11 will be possible to contract only the connection with landline, in exchange for a monthly fee of 65 euros and a year of permanence.

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The most usual maximum speed in Spain is 300 Mbps, no operator offered 1 Gbps symmetric so far.
In some cases we have seen 500 Mbps connections (Orange and telecable) and in local cases we have come to see 1 Gbps (Adamo, Fibracat) but not symmetric.

That’s why Vodafone’s move means getting ahead of all its rivals, who will have to react, we do not know if changing the speed of connections of their customers or creating a new modality with 1 Gbps.


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