81 Operators in 42 Countries done 5G testing

The Global mobile Suppliers Association (GSA) has released  its latest report on the status of 5G. By the start of September 2017, GSA had identified 81 operators, in 42 countries, that have demonstrated or are testing, trialling or have been licensed to begin field trials of 5G enabling and candidate technologies.

Joe Barrett, President of GSA said,

“We have been able to identify a wide range of operators usually working in close cooperation with GSA Member companies that have announced over 140 separate demonstrations, tests or trials. Key pre-standards 5G technologies are being explored operating in spectrum bands not previously used for mobile telecoms services; 28 GHz has been the spectrum band most often utilized.”

Trials have also demonstrated network slicing to support delivery of services tailored to specific types of customer or service; combinations of technologies such as massive MIMO, or complex beamforming that are needed to achieve very high speeds; or backhaul, cloud and edge computing arrangements to support very low latencies.

GSA Map outlining the countries where 5G demonstrations, trials or activity is taking place.

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