iZettle adds invoice function to app for UK businesses

iZettle will enable users across the continent to register local mobile payments and send invoices through its point of sale app. This gives iZettle’s users a complete overview of their sales history, ensures compliance with local tax regulations and enables them to sell more

Swedish financial technology company iZettle has added an invoice capability the iZettle app in the UK.

iZettle Invoice is available free of charge and will open up for mobile payments from British Pay By Bank app, Swedish Swish, Norwegian Vipps and MobilePay in Denmark, Finland and Norway.

Swish is a mobile payment solution for instant transfers, today adopted by more than half of the Swedish population and increasingly popular among merchants.

iZettle is also launching an invoicing service across Europe. The service will enable small business owners to send invoices with just a few clicks, get paid faster and skip the hassle of manual administration and payment reminders.

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“This is an important step in delivering on our promise of democratizing commerce and leveling the playing field for small businesses. We’re constantly looking for new ways to make their working life easier – never missing a sale or being able to make informed business decisions are of course key for our users’ growth,” Jacob de Geer continues.

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