Serbia records average internet download speed of 30.17 Mbps

With an average download speed of 30.17 Mbps, Serbia is ranked 14th among the 70 countries represented in the Open Signal report, which monitored the performance of 4G mobile networks.

The speed range of the 4G network in the world ranges from 5.1 Mbps in Costa Rica, up to 45.6 Mbps in first-ranked Singapore.

According to a statement issued by Vip mobile for the Ookla study, the operator had the fastest mobile network in Serbia in 2017, with an average download speed of 42.68 Mbps.

By comparison, the second-placed mobile operator offers an average speed of 27 Mbps, and the third-placed 19.94 Mbps.

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In terms of 4G signal prevalence, Open Signal estimates a coverage of 65 percent for Serbia, placing the country in the lower half of the list, but still ahead of Italy, France and Germany.

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